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4 Effective Channels for Collecting Feedback in the Middle East

[fa icon="calendar"] Feb 17, 2017 1:41:53 AM / by Houssam Abatal

Did you ever wondered what are the best channels of collecting customer feedback in the Middle East? That’s a question every company engaged in a customer experience program asks itself.

Here are the three most effective channels for collecting feedback in the Middle East region.




SMS/Text Messages


While in the United States and Europe, the most effective channel for collecting feedback is email, in the Middle East region it is a little bit different. In the Middle East, the SMS is by far the most effective channel for collecting feedback.  


If you have your customers’ mobile phone numbers, chances are that you will get far more responses from the SMS channel that the email.


In fact, a lot of organizations collect primarily mobile phone numbers. The email data is mostly not reliable and people in the Middle East tend to check their inbox far less than in the rest of the world.


Organizations as banks or insurance companies wouldn’t necessarily have their customers’ emails and would prefer mobile phones.




Depending on your industry or your typical buyer persona, you will have reliable emails for your customers. Although SMS ranks first, email is still an effective channel to collect feedback from your customers.




The large majority of companies tend to forget about the importance of their website. On a recent study, Forrester found that more than 60% of the customers engage with organizations throughout their website.

Collecting feedback in your website and making sure that all the information your buyer persona is looking for is in fact in the website helps you enhance the experience that you provide to your clients, reduce the customer effort score as well as reduce the costs related to it.



If you are a retail company, chances are that you don’t have a lot of information about your customers. You would most likely have transactional information but nothing related to the customers themselves.

Having kiosks within your stores or locations could be an effective way of collecting feedback. However, make sure you also collect information about customer themselves. A feedback is only actionable when linked to customer data.

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