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4 reasons why you should work with a customer experience consultancy firm in the Middle East

[fa icon="calendar"] Feb 26, 2017 8:43:23 PM / by Houssam Abatal

If you are considering engaging your organization on the implementation of a customer experience program, there are several things to consider to be successful. 

Many organizations start reading about customer experience and the positive outcomes it has on organizations and decide to engage in a customer experience program. The positive outcomes however, only occur when the implementation of this program is done the right way.

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One of the most effective ways to be successful in this process is to rely on a customer experience consultancy firm to bring in their expertise. Here are three reasons why you should engage in this process:


Bringing an external view

Nobody knows your business more than you do. However, as you are very busy with the day to day tasks, you may forget about a few things, or let’s say don’t really notice them. 80% of companies in the Middle East declare that they are providing a world customer experience, while only 8% of customers confirm. Bringing an external consultant may help you understand this gap and fill it.


Designing your program

Now that you convinced your organization about the importance of investing into a voice of the customer program, you will need to design it. Whether you have done this in the past or not, you may need a consultant to advice you on industry specific best practices or provide you with advices on how to design your program.


Choice of software/Implementation

Choosing a software and implementing it may be one of the hardest things you may have to do while implementing your customer experience program in the Middle East. First of all, the majority of software providers are not present in the region and it may be tricky to go for one or another. Bringing in a consultancy firm will help you choose the right software that fits best your company.


Program Success

You think that designing and implementing your program was the hardest part. Well, it is only the beginning. Acting on whatever feedback you are collecting and whatever insights you are discovering is an essential step. A consultancy firm may help you look through the insights and figure out the different solutions that you may need to come up with.

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