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Best Customer Experience Events in the Middle East

[fa icon="calendar"] Feb 10, 2017 8:03:48 PM / by Houssam Abatal

Professional events related to a specific topic are becoming more and more popular. It is an opportunity for a professional to meet with their peers, keep themselves informed but also discover the new trends within their industry. 

Conferences and events in the Middle East are extremely important as people to tend to prefer face-to-face interactions. During the last few years, and to cover the specific needs of Customer Experience professionals within the region, a lot of events were created. But it is always difficult to choose which one would bring more value to an organization or which one would be the more adapted to the nature of the business of an organization. So, what are the best customer experience events in the Middle East Region? 


  1. Customer Experience Management Middle East Summit

2017 would be the 4th edition of the Customer Experience Management Middle East Summit. This event welcome around 100 participants each year and hosts speakers for companies all around the Middle East. It is a good opportunity to learn about what other companies is the region are putting in place for customer experience and meeting potential solutions vendors or consulting firms. More details can be found here. 

      2. CEM and Customer Loyalty MENA Summit

This event is organized by Allan Lloyds and regroups as well professionals from all around the Middle East and North Africa. This would be a more niche event and would welcomes around 70 participants that are speciliazed in Customer Experience. More details can be found here. 


     3. Customer Experience Management in  Telecoms


CX Management in Telecoms is taking place in April. It is an industry specific event as it specializes in the Telecom Industry. Senior people from telecom providers in the Middle East region are speaking during this event and sharing their experience about customer experience initiative. It is a great way for meeting industry specific vendors. More details can be found here. 

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