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What are the Best Customer Experience Software in the Middle East?

[fa icon="calendar"] Feb 17, 2017 9:13:19 PM / by Houssam Abatal

By the time you are reading this article, you have probably spent a lot of time searching for the best customer experience software in the Middle East. Chances are you didn’t find an answer yet.


Well, first of all a specific software cannot be a good fit for every single organization. It will depend on a set of variables related to your company. Things to take into consideration range from the size of the company, the budget, the internal resources, your experience in terms of implementing a customer experience program to your expertise in customer experience.




Here are the software that you could consider when looking at implementing a customer experience program in the Middle East:



The company defines itself as the world’s leading insight platform. Qualtrics provides solutions for customer satisfaction, market research and employee insights. In fact, collecting feedback is the only the first step towards a customer-centric organization. To provide the best customer experience, you need to know your customers and market, and to do so you need to do research. In the meantime, as your employees are the people interacting with your customers, they need to be fully engaged and delighted in order to provide the best customer experience.


Qualtrics has a large presence in the Middle East, especially in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. If you are a client of one of the banks in Saudi Arabia, chances are that you will certainly receive a Qualtrics survey. If you are walking around Dubai and engage in a transaction with one of the big brands, you will most likely end up receiving a survey.


+ : Qualtrics is a pretty flexible and scalable software, it is very easy to use as well. It is an all-in-one platform and you can do both basic research or implement a very sophisticated customer experience program in the same platform.


- :  Although very used in the Middle East, Qualtrics doesn’t have a local presence. And based on the specific projects you are working on, the licenses can be pricy.


CxSpot Advice: Consider going with Qualtrics if you want to have a full control over you customer experience, which is best practice. Qualtrics is heavily involved during the implementation phase but they give you full autonomy for growing your customer experience program without necessarily having to pay every time you want to make a change. Make sure that you have internal resources though, or consider hiring a local partner if it is not the case.



When it comes to customer experience programs, Medallia is probably one of the best companies in the world. Their portfolio of clients includes very large enterprises all over the world. The California based company have very few clients in the Middle East but they have large enterprise clients. Medallia helps you collect feedback on several channels, analyze it through dashboards and act on it using their close the loop functionalities.


+  : Medallia provides a large number of services ranging from your customer experience program design to the success management of your program. They are considered experts in the field of customer experience.


- : The investment on the Medallia technology is extremely heavy. They are involved throughout the entire process and you will have very few control or autonomy over the platform itself. It is considered as full service. You will also need to pay every time you want to make a change and it could take a lot of time for them to make very small changes. If you are a middle-eastern based company, Medallia will probably advice you to work with one of their partners, most likely Bain & Company.


CxSpot Advice: Consider Medallia for your voice of the customer program if you are a large enterprise with large financial resources. If you want a company to take care of every single step of your voice of the customer program and you don’t have internal expertise or in-house resources with customer experience, Medallia is probably an option to consider.



Responsetek is another voice of the customer software. The company specializes on the telecom industry, although they have a number of clients in the financial services and retail industries.

The company is flexible enough with its offering. They provide organizations with a self-service model as well as a full-service model. They are also one of the very rare enterprise feedback management systems providing an in-house hosting.


+ : ResponseTek has a presence in the Middle East with an office in Dubai. Since a lot of companies are still hesitating when It comes to implementing cloud-based solutions, the in-house option could be an alternative.


- : ResponseTek Software lacks flexibility and is some time clunky. If you are considering ResponseTek, opt for a pilot phase to make sure all your requirements are met.


If you are interested in getting more insights about the best enterprise feedback management systems and read through the customers’ comments, consider visiting the G2 Crowd web page about Customer Experience.

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